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I have a passion for detail and I strive to create beautiful design

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About Me

Hello! My name is Gabby Pinto

Gabby Pinto

I'm a 21 year old Graphic Designer from Boston, MA. I have a big passion for design, art and technology.

I'm in my final year studying Graphic Design at Suffolk University. Along with graphic & web design I also enjoy photography. My design style is clean and professional but never boring. With every new project I improve my work and learn something new. I hope to always continue learning and improving my knowledge of art and design.

My Most Valuable Skills
  • Photoshop 100%

  • Illustrator95%

  • Indesign80%

  • HTML/CSS85%

  • After Effects40%

My Portfolio


pizzeria website

Fire'd Up

Website / Logo Design

Fire'd Up is a casual-dining restaurant serving up creativity through its innovative menu items. It offers a unique environment and provides a range of inspired dishes, from oven-baked pizzas, to creative salads, pastas, entrees, soups and sandwiches.

I have created the website and logo design. The logo reflects the nature of the restaurant with vibrant warm colors. The website includes five pages with multiple imagery and creative typography.

Fire'd Up

Logo Animation

This is a logo animation for the Fire'D Up Pizzaria. It was created in Adobe After Effects CS6.

Fire'd Up is a casual-dining restaurant serving up creativity through its innovative menu items. It offers a unique environment and provides a range of inspired dishes, from oven-baked pizzas, to creative salads, pastas, entrees, soups and sandwiches.


World Wild Life Fund


The World Wildlife Fund is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. This is a seasonal newsletter designed for the WWF showcasing their success stories and informing their subscribers on wildlife news.

This is a 2-color printed newsletter containing 4 inside spreads. All photographs that appear in the newsletter are copyright of their respective owners. The newsletter was designed using Adobe Indesign CS6, and all of the illustrations including the infographic were created by me using Adobe Illustrator CS6.


History of Email


Working with FreshAddress I created this infographic displaying the history of email from the beginning of FreshAddress in 1999 to now. It features more than 10 statistics with sources. The infographic was used to celebrate FreshAddress's 15th year anniversary and show their clients some interesting email facts.

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Beans of Wisdom

Coffee Poetry Book

Beans of Wisdom is a poetry book for coffee lovers. It contains many poems about coffee and each page is designed with beautiful coffee textures and imagery. The outside of the book is made with a brown book cloth and a burlap sleeve. The book comes inside of a burlap bag with actual coffee beans to stimuluate your caffeine addiction.


Book Cover Design

Dubliners is a collection of 15 short stories by James Joyce, first published in 1914. I redesigned the book cover of this classic for Joyce forms a naturalistic depiction of Irish middle class life in and around Dublin in the early years of the 20th century. This cover design was inspired by Dublin and the style of Joyce's writing.

San Francisco Museum
of Modern Art

Package Design

I've designed a series of packages for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts. The series contains a gift shop bag, a poster bag and a gift card. The design follows the style of architecture of the museum with very abstract, polygonal shapes and strong use of patterns.


Package Design

Zodiac is a brand of cosmetics that match a persons personality based on their zodiac sign. They offer a variety of cosmetic products such as perfume, foundation, eye shadow, etc. available in different zodiac signs.

I developed a brand identity and created the packages and point of purchase with 2 other partners. The point of purchase consists of a zodiac wheel and a video to better sell the brand. I created the video using Adobe After Effects and used stock footage from the Yosemite Project.

15 year Anniversary

Landing Page - Website Design

FreshAddress The Email Address Experts celebrated it's 15th year anniversary. I designed a landing webpage using Bootstrap framework. The website included a dynamic JQuery Timeline, a photo slideshow, and a parralax photo divider.

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Doggy Dash Invitation

Event Campaign

Doggy Dash is a running event and festival in Boston, MA. It was created to support the WSPA (Word Society for the Protection of Animals).

The invitation is composed of three parts and it is all digital, the save the date, the invitation and the reply communication. The Save the Date is a small ad that will be placed on the WSPA website. The ad leads to the Doggy Dash website where people can sign up for the event. Once you are signed up you will receive an invitation in your email along with a Doggy Treat bag in the mail.


Website Design

Emailium is a service by FreshAddress for email marketers and designers. It provides a filterable, categorizable, database of email campaigns for competitive research and design inspiration. I created the one page scroll website design using the Bootstrap framework.

I also designed 3 nurture emails to promote Emailium. Each were sent to different email lists using MailChimp.

Along with the website and emails, social media headers and promo cards were also designed to advertise Emailium.

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I am currently available for freelance projects, internship or full time work. Are you interested in working with me or you just want to say hi? Send me a message and I'll get back to you!